16 Uses for Leftover Coffee

16 Uses for Leftover Coffee

There it is.

That cup or so of beautiful, dark, organic coffee that sits leftover in my coffee pot every time I brew coffee. Staring at me. Pleading with me.

Have I mentioned I hate throwing food out?

That includes coffee.

Some of you might not be familiar with the concept of leftover coffee. Haha – I understand! I love coffee too. For me it’s an emotional experience. But somehow I always end up brewing a little more than I end up drinking, and since I’m the only one in the house who drinks it, I have to figure out something to do with the leftovers.

So, surely someone out there despises pouring coffee down the drain like I do. For those lucky peeps, I’ve decided to share my personal favorite leftover coffee uses, as well as some other uses I found from around the webs.

Because let’s face it: COFFEE. Too precious to throw down the drain.

16 Uses for Leftover Coffee

  1. Coffee Ice Cubes – Pour that leftover coffee into some ice trays and store in the freezer. Then bust those ice cubes out any time you need to add some cool coffee flavor. Make your favorite smoothie or shake, add some cinnamon, cocoa powder, and some of those coffee ice cubes for a cool, energizing, mocha-flavored treat!
  2. Some claim that using the coffee ice cubes as a garbage disposal cleaner really works well! I haven’t tried it yet, but if you do, let me know!
  3. Hot Choc-offee? Yes, some people make hot chocolate using coffee instead of water or milk. That’s a coffee-lover!
  4. Roast it – Yes, I bet you knew coffee was roasted. But I BET you didn’t know that you can add leftover coffee to your pot roast to make the gravy/broth richer and more flavorful! I learned this from watching a TV chef several years ago, and it’s a great way not to have to waste leftover coffee. Try it!
  5. You can also add it to soups or stews for great flavor.
  6. Toss it into the compost heap.
  7. Make Bulletproof Coffee Gummies with it – this is just genius friends. And super healthy, because this recipe includes grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and high-quality grass-fed gelatin which are all very healing to your body. Whip these up for a bite-size energy rush on the go! Find the recipe here.
  8. Water those acid-loving plants of yours with leftover coffee – they will love it!
  9. “Age” paper – you can create a stained look by painting the paper twice with strong leftover coffee, allowing it to dry with each application.
  10. Stain wood – click here to learn how to stain wood with leftover coffee, vinegar, and steel wool. Pretty cool.
  11. Since coffee stains wood, you can also rub it on wood scratches to bring a darker color back into the wood.
  12. Add to baked goods instead of water or milk. Why not? I would love some coffee-flavored muffins to go with my coffee-flavored coffee – and don’t forget the bacon. (But leave that one alone, it has its own great flavor. 😉 )
  13. Add leftover coffee in with your milk when making homemade ice cream. Mmmmm!!!
  14. Did you know you can temporarily dye your hair with coffee?
  15. Along the same lines, you can also make a homemade hair rinse with leftover coffee. See the above link for more information. And if you love natural hair care like that, you would love my Ultimate Natural Hair Care Directory. (<– shameless plug)
  16. Dye fabric – When I was a girl, my mom would age fabric using tea. Did you knowcoffee works just as well? Find out more here!